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Even though I have two kids already (my babies Ori and Yuli- who aren't such babies anymore!!), I’ve never had a baby shower. It was never my family’s custom to have a baby shower before the baby is born. But this time, I decided that a baby shower is really just a party, and one can never have too many parties ;) So, I threw myself a baby shower last week. With less than two weeks left until my due date, my greatest concern was that I would go into labor right before the party…and not be able to make it to my own party- hahaha. Thank god, I made it (and I still haven't gone into labor yet; I guess that worrying was for nothing!).

Since it was my very first baby shower, I knew that it had to be extra-amazing. I had LovelyEventsNYC take care of the decor and food, and it could not have been more stunning. The decor was totally my style- so modern chic with neutral tones and everything. And the food was delicious: pies, pastries, salads, cheeses, you name it! (Most importantly, sweets and lemonade…)

The highlight of the night, though, was definitely the activity. Mimulo, a Brooklyn flower-event designer, came and ran a workshop for all of the girls to make the most beautiful flower crowns ever. It was a surprise and the girls just loved it! She brought a billion different flowers and roses and green leaves, so everyone got to be really creative with their designs. Not only were they incredibly fun to make, but the results were totally breathtaking and coachella-worthy. The most beautiful flowers I've ever seen and the girls are still talking about it. yay!

Even though I had great friends at the party, and I love my home in NYC, it’s during times like these that I miss my family and close friends in Israel the most. I wish that they could just come over for celebrations like these...

Obviously, the outfit and accessories are just as important as the event itself (haha, but seriously- a girl’s gotta look good!) and I wore this gorgeous dress, which I got so many compliments on. An outfit isn't complete without elegant, coordinating accessories, and this fabulous ring is from Dana Bronfman- she makes stunning, fine jewelry, right here in NYC. Love it!

I also wasn't ready or used to getting all of this cute baby shower gifts ! which was a total adds on to this party.

Well- Who doesn't like gifts , ladies? especially cute little baby stuff:-)

That’s it- no more parties before the baby comes! Now, we are getting excited for my parents arrival in two days!

PS: I also had my first glass of champagne since the beginning of this pregnancy! I'm so close to the end, that I decided it should be fine…

Neshikot= Xx

dress: Parker ; shoe: Loeffler Randall ; ring: Dana Bronfman





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