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I always try to spend as much time with the boys as possible, but when the new baby comes, obviously this will be a lot harder. Everything changes with a newborn around- they need to constantly be fed, changed, burped, held…you get the picture :) So I’ve been trying to give the li’l guys in my life some extra mama time until then. It’s really all about the little things- kids don’t care about money or big adventures , they just want love- as cliche as that sounds! But it's so true. Maybe its the hormones in me or something, but every moment feels so sentimental I could cry…so I’ve been taking them everywhere with me. Lets just say that grocery shopping is easier without kids haha. They prefer going to the park and riding on their scooters.

When they are running around and riding scooters, its super important for me to protect their knees... Ori is always trying to ride as fast has he can, like his big bro Yuli, so I'm always trying to find comfortable pants that also look stylish and are good quality. Mamas out there- you know what I’m talking about! Lately, I’ve been putting the boys in these Hudson Jeans, and they've really been doing the trick. So great for a fun day at the park and they just make them look so adorable!

These jeans really are the a mama, I know the struggle of finding perfect kids jeans is real. And when you do find the cutest pair, they fall apart with a couple of wears or washes. These are the cutest and good quality! And they are comfortable?! As a jeans expert ( which I most definitely am) I say YES PLEASE.

I’m such a denim addict- and the boys probably get it from me…the other day we got so many compliments on their style that I decided that the kids should wear these jeans when my parents arrive... they were looking so good (I'm not a big fan of matching/ twinning but could'nt help myself!) their grandparents wanted to squish them! let's see if the baby has the same addiction... lol

Neshikot= xx





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