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When I moved from Israel 6 years ago, I couldn't even imagine that I'd still be in NYC, let alone raising kids & bringing them to school! It's amazing how time flies in this crazy powerful city. This year Yuli, my 5 year old son, will be going into kindergarten, and Ori, my 2 year old, will be going to preschool. And of course, Romi, my 1 month old baby, will be staying at home with me!

By now, all of you know about my obsession with denim. Everyone needs a good pair (or many pairs!) of jeans- including kids, and we all know that a good pair of jeans is school outfit staple! They look good with everything, are so comfortable, and are completely effortless-chic.

My kids like jeans! They run around, ride bikes and scooters, so sometimes they trip and fall, which means that they need their knees super protected!!

I got Yuli some new adorable jeans- which are perfect for mornings that I don't have that much time to spend on their outfits- I've got a newborn to take care of and jeans match everything.

True Religion has been a cult favorite for forever. Seriously, They have beautiful jeans and great styles that fit perfectly! My handsome boy looks like complete rockstar in these jeans!! Little man...haha.

Seriously though, He became so mature with Romi, and acts like her guardian. It's so cute to watch both boys act so grown up, but it also reminds me how kids grow up so fast...soon I'll have to deal with teenagers. I can't let myself worry about that yet because I'd be a complete basket of nerves lol.

I hope you and your little ones have a successful year!

XX= Neshikot





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