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Last week we were invited to a very messy party hosted by was all about cake decorating and painting, and guess what ?! the kids loved it (obviously!) and had a blast! It really made me thinking... As a family, we love to have fun, the kids love to play and Yuli is always asking to bring friends over when I come to pick him up from school. Life can get pretty messy when you have three kids and in between cooking ,changing diapers, playing and painting, it takes hours to keep this place neat. It’s not easy to keep a New York-sized apartment clean and let’s be honest, I can’t afford a cleaning lady every day! But thank god the boys loves to help me cleaning so we have plenty of Bounty paper towels around to clean up the messes.

I found the ultimate tips to have the best play date, which will keep the kids happy (and us moms too!)

1. Always be prepared! If you’re a mom, you know how good kids are at making a mess! It’s super important to always have paper towels on hand because it’s super quick and you can just toss them in the trash once you’re done cleaning up! After having three kids, I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to my paper towels and I’ve found that it’s super important to try to always buy the most absorbent kind, that way clean up is super quick and you don’t waste as much. If you’re like me, you might want to try the bounty ones! They are 2x more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand and the roll can last 50% longer, so its easy to take on more messes! 2. Let them be little! Kids love to express themselves in many ways, and one of the best ways is to let them be creative & use their imagination with painting! It’s okay if they get a little dirty, just use natural & water based colors!

3. Have a special play area for all the kids! I like to make sure all the kids are together and in the same area, it keeps the mess in just one spot which makes clean up super easy! It also makes sure all the kids are playing together & that nobody is left out. The living room is always a good choice. 4. Keep the kids stuff together! That way when it’s time for them to get picked up, everything is organized and there’s no need to go searching around the house for lost items at the last minute!.. Maybe it’s better if you don’t know how many times Yuli got home without his sweater, backpack, or even scooter! 5. Keep healthy snacks on hand! Have fruit, baby carrots and some pretzels in the kitchen to make sure the kids always have something if they start to get hungry. It also makes sure the kids don’t go straight for the sugar! Yuli loves apples, and Ori loves pretzels (actually, Ori loves everything! Lol)

Even though it takes a little extra effort (and time!) to ensure the perfect play date, I find these tips are essential to having a great time! So tell me, what are your kids favorite activities?

Neshikot =Xx





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