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Hey guys! Since I have three kids, actually since I have a newborn(!), the most common question people ask me every single second (meaning 86,400 a day minus 4 hours of sleep) is; How I lost the baby weight. It’s been about 3 months since Romi was born, and to be honest I still haven’t reached my goal weight! For both Yuli & Ori I gained around 33 lbs, and it took me about six months to lose the weight each time. I was a lot smaller with Romi, but still gained about 20 pounds. I have a few tips and tricks I wanted to share that really helped me get my body back. I just want you to know first that it’s so important to not be too hard on yourself & to really treasure time with your kids and newborns.

Here are my tips for all of you mamas:

* Nursing: Nursing all day every day... I nurse Romi every three hours, and not only is it healthy for the baby, but it burns so many calories! (I always am more hungry (and eat more) when I nurse, but for the long run it works!)

* Stay active: There’s never a dull moment especially with three kids, and I never really get a chance to just sit on the sofa and watch TV. The kids definitely keep me active, but when they aren't home and I have some free time, I'll go to the gym... Now that it’s been 12 weeks and I can workout, I’m excited to do some classes. Pilates is my favorite one. If it's not your style, try to walk as much as you can! Put your baby in the stroller, and maybe even bring along the kids(;

* Drink water!! Especially when you’re nursing, it’s so important to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water helps your body get back to normal and lose weight (and eat less) it's so easy but I must admit that sometimes I forget to drink!)

* I tried these amazing nursing food and cookies from Barley + Oats and I love them! (Actually the kids loves them too!) They are full of fiber and have flax seeds, kale, and ginger. These cookies are designed to help you produce more milk but also helps for metabolism, and I think it plays such an important role in losing the baby weight!

And if you have any problems producing milk , try my favorite Butternut Squash Soup. And I have many reasons to like it- Orange vegetables are said to help you produce more milk and have so many vitamins! They are perfect for fall too. Butternut squash in particular is full of Vitamin A, C, potassium and fiber. It also is great to help my kids immune system.

You just need: An onion (chopped) 2 tbsp of butter 1 stock of celery (chopped) 1 medium carrot (chopped) 2 medium potatoes 1 chicken stock (32 oz.) 1 medium butternut squash Salt & Pepper First step is to prepare the vegetables. Chop them and seed & peel the butternut squash also. Melt the butter and cook the vegetables for 5 minutes (they should be lightly browned!) Pour the chicken stock in enough to cover your vegetables! Once it boils reduce it to a simmer & let this cook for about 40 minutes (or until your vegetables are tender) Blend until smooth Return to pot and pour in the rest of your chicken stock, add salt & pepper to taste TIP: You can replace the potato with a sweet potato, or add nutmeg or a little cayenne pepper for a kick. Let me know how you guys lost your baby weight and any tips! I’m still working on mine (; Neshikot = Xx





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