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As you all know, it’s really fun for me to dress Yuli & Ori (and now Romi, too!) in cute & trendy clothes. Of course the go-to places like Zara & other generic stores have some awesome pieces, but finding unique pieces from cool shops really makes them stand out and makes their whole outfit more fun! Plus, it’s always cool to dress a little different from the other kids!, right?!

I always get asked where I shop for my kids... so here's one of my favorite sites! One of my favorite online stores is Ayuki Baby Store, where you can find brands like NUNUNU, Flamingo and many other boutique brands. Most of the pieces are very neutral (grey, black, etc.) and simple, and their edgy pieces really give off a cool rocker vibe.

One of my favorite pieces is the lightning jacket that Yuli LOVES(!)... but it's hard not to fall in love, right?

They have so many cool & unique pieces: different cuts, super cool patterns and fabrics, that make me wish they would come in my size! BTW Having unique pieces in your wardrobe doesn't mean you can't mix and match them with basics!... So give it a try!

I love seeing my boys in cool pieces. The older Yuli & Ori get, the more they grow and have their own style, which makes dressing them super easy!

I’m always on the lookout for cool new stores and love supporting small companies! so let me know if you have any suggestions...!

Where do you shop? Would love to hear you!

Neshikot= XX





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