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Hi guys! If you've followed for a while, you know that having 3 kids means pretty much zero time to recharge... Sometimes I just wish we had a family around to help. So living in NYC with no family nearby and a nanny that comes to be with Romi just twice a week means that most of the days are pretty crazy over here when the house is full.

Right after the kids are off to school I have 5 hours to catch up on many things: emails, calls, writing my posts, cooking and doing other house chores... so the time is pretty limited but I'm trying to get as much of done as possible. Noam has a huge role in the house and his flexibility is a huge plus! Otherwise I couldn't do it without going nuts! I have a lot appreciation for him and he is literally a super dad. He always stands by me and three to help with a photo shoot or work issues.

So the other day I planned a surprise for him. After dropping the kids off at school, I told Noam that I have a photo shoot in TriBeCa where I would need his help. He was so surprised that I tricked him into a relaxing spa day at Aire! It was so unexpected, and he obviously fell in love with me again, lol! Isn't it the best feeling ?!:)

We always get caught up with work and kids everyday that it's soooo important to take time for ourselves and to recharge. Plus, how convenient is it to do it while the kids are in school?? To continue making our relationship strong, dates and 1:1 adult time are really needed. We went to Aire to enjoy all the different types of baths. The low light and private baths made the experience so intimate. The silent company of my husband at the baths made it so special since it was so different from my everyday hectic life. We sipped on tea and had a massage.

Spending time alone, a change from our normal schedules, was such a good time for us that we promised ourselves to try to surprise each other each week in a creative way... not just going to dinner at a restaurant! Next time it's his turn to surprise me, so let's see what he comes up with:-)

And if you look for a fun date, here are some cool ideas to surprise your special loved one: * Take a cooking class for a cuisine you both love- I think I'll do a japanese cousin * Book a wine tasting tour for some adult time to chat and learn about local wine- Noam loves wine...and so do I. maybe I'll do this one next... * Live a winter dream and go ice skating- for someone who came from Israel it's magical :-) * Do a throwback to your funnest date together and recreate the moments- not sure where was our first date... I know him since forever lol! * If you have an extra day or two, book a staycation - local enough for a short trip, and far enough to refuel(!)- I think this one is my favorite. I use to book a night in a hotel room in NYC. Nothing like having a romantic date & feeling like a tourist in your own city :-)

Let me know how you like the ideas!







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