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Hair and haircare have always been two of the most important things to women, as it relates to their appearances. Long or short; brown, blonde or blue – hair has become one of the signature features of a woman’s look. And I, for one, am no different! Maintaining healthy, soft, beautiful locks is something I work hard at. To me, hair is an important part of my beauty regimen and appearance. Good hair days give me greater confidence, and nothing beats confidence, especially when you’re a new mama of three who always feels frazzled and on-the-go! ;)

My hair has never been as long as it is now. In fact, when I was a teenager, I had a bob (yes, a bob!) and even wanted to shave my head for a short bit of time. Don’t worry, my mother intervened and the head-shave thankfully never occurred. Oh, what trends we try to keep up with during our experimental teenage years. Now, I so appreciate my long hair, and am very happy that I didn't actually attempt the head-shave against my mother’s wishes! I can’t even imagine looking back at those photos now, if they existed.

Last year I started trying out new things with my hair. I got highlights done for the first time (which I touch about every four months or so) and started rocking the ‘messy hair’ look. For a new mama, messy is usually the only way to go– at least now messy qualifies as an actual trend and not just the result of less me-time. I wake up with messy hair which makes it super quick to style. I really hope messy stays in fashion! Over the past few months, I’ve also read a ton of articles that pointed fingers at hair tools that use heat and decided to call it quits on my straightener. I’ve been good with this resolution, so far, though it’s definitely been hard when prepping for the rare night out.

As you all know, the winter season is the harshest for even the strongest of manes, with the cold, dry weather inevitably taking its toll. While I definitely wish I had more sun and better weather in my life, I make sure to take care of my scalp even more during cooler temps, keeping my hair well-conditioned. I’ve always had the habit of washing my hair daily, which I know isn't the best for the scalp, yet I do try to limit the numbers of washes per week during the winter. I’ve heard that a bit of oil build-up acts as a natural conditioner, especially when hair is stripped of more oil than usual during dry periods. I also tend to skip brushing my wet hair fully and go to sleep with it half-dry. Apparently, this little trick leads to less breakage and locks that can withstand more harshness.

As I’ve gotten older (and realized the importance of proper hair care techniques), I’ve become a big fan of good conditioning and make sure to always use a nicely sized dollop of conditioner on my ends every time I wash my hair. I’ve also started putting hair masks on my scalp weekly. It’s surprisingly easy to do and very relaxing, since I get to sit in the bathtub while my hair mask is in…after the kids are in bed, of course. The bath steam really helps the hair absorb more of the mask, too. I've even found some super cool haircare brands that I use consistently and love. Even if I can’t find the time for a full-on bath, I try to visit the steam room at my local gym for 10-15 minutes (even sans sweat session), since I find that the heat not only helps hydrate my hair but also my skin and pores, which most definitely bear the brunt of dryness during the winter, too.

It’s never too late to start taking care of your hair. Being mindful about conditioning, coloring and use of hair tools can never do you wrong! And, in the process, you may even develop a signature look that involves more than the go-to-messy like me ;) Have fun styling yourself and playing with haircare trends. I’d love to know what tips you’ll share with me!

Neshikot XX





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