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I moved to the United States almost seven years ago. Before this life-changing move, I had never lived anywhere else in the world long-term, other than Israel. Israel was my home. My family, friends, and the entirety of my whole world was in that beautiful country. Moving to New York inevitably meant starting over – beginning a new chapter of my life and finding my way totally from scratch in a new place, 6000 miles from everything and everyone I knew. I was up for the excitement and adventure, of course, but I knew it would be challenging, at least at the start.

Truth be told, I had a bit of a hard time initially following the move. I came to this country knowing only Noam, my then potential love-interest and now husband, but with zero (yes, zero!) friends otherwise. I had to lay the foundation for a life here, however long or short-term my stay was going to be. Of course, we now know that my New York stay turned out to be very long-term ;) and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Making friends was my first priority after getting settled and unpacked. There’s so much stress that comes with any move, and I quickly realized that well-timed breaks for relaxation and exploring were essential to truly getting settled here (and not losing my mind from moving stress!). I made time for hobbies and fun activities like shopping and sight-seeing, which allowed me to explore my surroundings and get a better feel for the big City. And, of course, allowed me to give in to my passion for fashion! I also made sure to connect with friends-of-friends, neighbors, and community members to begin to find my social circle.

One of my friends here is Rivka Zerbib. She, too, is a mama here in Brooklyn, and we immediately clicked and hit it off when we first met. It is so important to be surrounded by girlfriends who are supportive and inspiring, and I am lucky to have found a friend who embodies this description. We always find time to get out and catch up, even with six kids in tow! (Yes, she has three children too)

In fact, we got together during the middle of last week, when the weather outside was tolerable (you know me, I love my beaches and heat and East Coast weather has surely not be that lately!) and went for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful way to reconnect with both each other and this wondrous City we get to call home now.

I always believe that any activity outside of the house provides is reason enough to dress up, should I so choose. And, my mama-date last week was no exception! Having one aspect of my look be a so-called ‘statement piece’ is exciting for me, and I always try and implement a special aspect of fashion into my outfit. On that day, I decided to wear this super trendy metallic green pleated tea-length skirt , and paired the piece de resistance with all black extras – hat, booties, bag, leather jacket. I wanted to let my skirt do all the talking, and that it did. Comfort is also high priority for me, and this skirt did not disappoint. Its flowy nature made it the perfect bottom for a long morning walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, mama errands and meetings in the early afternoon, and school pick-up with the boys at the end of their day.

Pairing friends and fashion together makes me smile, and my outing with Rivka was such fun. Seven

years later, I can now say that New York is my home (well, maybe my second home, if we’re being honest ;)). And, I couldn’t be more grateful for the dear friends that I’ve made and the home that I’ve built here with my husband and children. Moving is a challenging experience. But, keeping your mind positive and open to your surroundings and new people will bring about the best experiences of your life, I promise you that.

Let me know what you think of my look here and if you can relate to my moving experience!

Neshikot= XX





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