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So today I am talking fitness! Quite honestly I haven’t worked out much since Yuli, my oldest, was born (5 years ago!) and I don't need to mention that having 3 little kids makes squeezing time in for a workout near impossible, right?! But as a mom, you have to find some time to get a sweat in each day! I believe in being active for mental health as well as physical health and love to be active in some way each day, even if I just put Romi in the stroller and we go for a walk in the park... Trust me, it helps manage your stress levels and gets your mind clear!

The #1 thing I get asked to do a post on is my work out so I will be sharing some of my favorite work outs here & tips to being a fit mom; 1. Get your workout in early! Try to do it before the kids wake up if you can- or after they leave for school. Make it a habit each day, or very other day- or else it won’t happen! I'm NOT a morning person, so I'll do it when the kids are off to school or right after my husband is back from work, at night, and can stay with them, but for some moms I know they are so tired by then and won't do anything but laying on the sofa and relax after a long day. You know yourself better, so do what works best for you! 2. Plan your workouts the day before- or even better, plan them weekly! This makes it so much easier to get it done. Do you want to take a class? Or take your kids to the park with you? Or you can do a quick 20 minute routine on the floor of your living room... I've started to take some classes recently and I'm a big fan of Barre Burn class! 3.Drink a ton of water! This helps speed your metabolism & makes you feel so much more energetic

If I don't have time to hop in a class or make it to the gym- this is my quick 10-minute workout plan I can do anywhere It may seem a bit silly because they are really simple moves, but to me this is what gets me the leanest and most toned, especially since I do it on my own.

REPS OF VARIOUS EXERCISES; Crunches- 60 second

Plank- 60 second Squats with heel lifts- 60 second Bicycle Crunch- 60 second Lunges- 90 second Pushups- 30 second (not my favorite, but what can I do... LOL) And after that I am beat. I do this all at least twice! And if I have more time- I’ll do as many as I can!

Neshikot= Xx





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