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As my birthday approaches (I'm turning a year older on May 2nd!), I have stared reflecting on my life, what I've learned and how comfortable I'm with myself. It took me over 30 years to get to this point and In today's post, I want to share the top 5 things that I've learned in adulthood.

Here's what I've learned:

1. Surround yourself with people that make you happy

I spent most of my 20's trying to please everyone around me and I realized that some of them were bringing me down. Especially now that I have my husband and kids who I know love me and accept me for who I am, I know I always do my best and if you want to come along for my journey, my door is always open... My friendships today are so much deeper and more meaningful because each and every one of my friends accept me and knows my "real" self.

2. Lack of sleep will not kill you . LOL

Before I had my oldest son Yuli, I used to sleep in until noon (especially over the weekend) so when he was born, sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby was the biggest adjustment for me. But don't let it bring you down! This past week, my baby Romi was sick and woke up every 40 minutes during the night. I had a barre class at 7 am and even though I was exhausted from being woken up so many times, I still got up and went because it was my me time and I knew I would enjoy it once I got there. Feeling tired all the time can drag you down but you can rise above.

3. Health is above everything else

Growing up in Israel, with israeli siblings and family, we always believed that we were invincible. (Most Israelis do an army service after high school so we think we're stronger than illness or malnutrition lol) After moving to the US, my doctor introduced me to daily multivitamins and just basic dietary supplements that most people take everyday... Each of my kids are so different and have such different eating habits. Yuli is such a picky eater and eats all of his fruits and vegetables without complaints but he always requests the kid friendly food like pasta, mashed potatoes and shnitzel. Ori will eat whatever I put on his plate. They are both very active and as their mom, I want to present them with a healthy diet and lifestyle.I'm trying to do the best i can for my kids and even if they do represent a healthy diet I feel like there's no harm giving them well rounded multivitamin full of iron, calcium and vitamin D once a day. Getting small children to swallow a pill is next to impossible but I have found SmartyPants Vitamins and I want to inform you all how amazing these are! At first, I was a little hesitant to introduce these to my kids.. they aren't used to taking vitamins and I was nervous that they wouldn't like them... but guess what?! These are the most amazing vitamin gummy bears! it's hard to believe they're actually healthy:-) They taste so good so I had to hide them on the top shelf in my kitchen so my kids wouldn't eat too many! So health is definitely above everything...especially my kids health.

4. Perseverance always pays off

Before I became a blogger, I worked at 2 jobs that I enjoyed but I knew they weren't lifelong careers. I started blogging because I wanted to create something of myself and I absolutely love it! What I learned from the experience is that perseverance always pays off. Even though I didn't make any money at first, I stuck to it and it was worth it! No matter how insignificant you think your task is, just the fact that you are working hard at something is amazing.

5. Don't sweat the small stuff

There are so many times when Noam and I got into a huge fight over something so small that we'd end up not talking to each other for days, and sometimes we couldn't even remember what we upset about! It's not the end of the world if one of us forgets to take out the garbage or put the plate in the sink. Not blowing it out of proportion will definitely create a better environment for your children and make life much more pleasant for your family.

Neshikot= Xx





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