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Lately, Noam has been coming home from work really late and the kids usually end school at 2:30 so the afternoons are my time to bond with them. Some days, Yuli has tennis and swimming lessons so I usually take Ori and Romi with me to watch him. They look up to their big brother and love watching him learn a new skill. On the days when he doesn’t, I have to figure out how to entertain them for the afternoon. Here are some of my favorite cheap and easy daytime activities that I like to do with them. It’s important to keep in mind that things we do with our kids have to be enjoyable for us Moms as well, otherwise kids can tell when we are not having a good time. Who doesn't like a picnic at the park?

Now that the weather is starting to get nice again, we just can’t get enough of the outdoors. I like to take my kids to the park so they can take in the fresh air after being in school all day. I usually pack a picnic blanket for Romi and I to sit on and watch while Yuli and Ori play ball together. I also like to bring some pizza for lunch or fresh fruit to snack on. They love the bonding time with Mommy and although we miss Noam we know he is hard at work for our family.

"I scream for ice cream..."

Another activity that I like to do with the kids after school is take them to the ice cream factory here in DUMBO. it’s nice to give the kids a special treat to show them that I appreciate how good they’ve been. My kids absolutely love ice cream and trying new flavors each time we go! It gives me such joy to watch them excitedly discuss the new flavors.

A productive activity that kids love

There is a Barnes and Noble really close to our house and the kids section is amazing! Yuli loves reading and is always looking for new books. Ori is just starting to learn to recognize the letters in school so I like to practice at home with him. They both love exploring the kids section at the bookstore and choosing new reading material for bedtime. (They love reading so much they can't even put down their books for bath time!) It’s the perfect after school activity for us! They pick books I know they’ll like and I can also get some reading material for myself.

These are just some easy ideas for activities you can do with your kids after school. Feel free to comment with more ideas I am always open to suggestions!

Neshikot= xx





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