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THIS IS 30... 6!

Yesterday I woke up to a perfect day. Actually, a couple minutes before midnight of my 36th birthday, Noam fell asleep on the sofa... (if you follow my insta story you know what I'm talking about). You also know that we didn't pop the champagne then as planned. Instead, I got all of the love when I opened my eyes in the morning. Yuli knows how to write and gave me a birthday card that he had made and the rest of the family came to celebrate with me in bed... they made me coffee, and we had a little picnic with pastries and food on my bed. I believe that a moment like this will create a memory for life and it was such a cool way to kick of my special day.

After all of the kids were off to school I went to soho to meet my girlfriend that is celebrating her birthday a day after mine. We got manicures, had lunch together ( at some point Noam also joined us) and we continued the celebrations in the evening when they kids came back from swimming. We enjoyed a birthday cake and they helped me blow out my candles. The day ended when Noam and I went to meet all our friends for a karaoke night in Williamsburg. It was a night of many songs and endless laughs. We all had such a great time and I enjoyed it most. I want to thank each and every one of you for the warm words and kind wishes. You made my day really special thank you! Here are some pictures from the morning. Neshikot= xx





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