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My husband Noam and I love food. We’re foodies, as the cool kids call it these days! We have our favorite cuisines – Mediterranean, of course (shout-out to the homeland), Asian, and Italian to name a few. But, we’re always open to trying new foods and restaurants – something New York is known for. The only problem? Realistically, it’s tough to find time for date nights and dinners with friends when we don’t have a full-time babysitter and all of our family lives halfway around the world! The solution? Kid-friendly restaurants! And, errr, family date nights!

You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many cool and delicious restaurants in the City that cater to our adult palates and are kid-friendly and yummy for our children at the same time. Check out the Dekel Family’s three favorite kid-friendly eating spots in NYC. If I missed any that need to migrate to the top of our list, let me know! Foodies are foodies for a good reason ;)

1) Mogador, 133 Wythe Ave Brooklyn

This cute Williamsburg spot – Moroccan cuisine, if you couldn’t guess from its name- is one of our favorites. Mogador serves the freshest food. In fact, their couscous is a Dekel favorite. Beyond the carbs, their variety of ethnic salads are delicious, and even my kids will eat and enjoy the veggies they serve. And, they have a beautiful outdoor patio, covered by a see-through sun roof and filled with plants and comfortable patio furniture, that the boys love hanging out on. They insisted that it feels like they’re sitting in a rainforest when we eat outside at the restaurant! The staff is beyond kid friendly and accommodating to all ages (remember, I have a baby, toddler, and young one!) which is a big win in my book! Definitely recommend Mogador, if it wasn’t already on your list.

2) Miss Paradis, 47 Prince St New York

a.Venturing out into Manhattan can be challenging with three kids. But, the trip is always worth it when we’re dining as a family at Miss Paradise on Mulberry, in SoHo. If the beautifully designed wall artwork (renaissance style) and energy wasn’t reason enough to venture out to the City, the food is incredible. Mediterranean is one of our favorite cuisines and Miss Paradis nails it with their mix of French Mediterranean. Who doesn’t love halloumi cheese with a twist? This downtown Manhattan locale is chic and cool, and their brunch is absolutely delicious, too. Beyond its deliciousness, Noam and I also find the food comforting since it reminds us of Israel and our family (with an added European aspect!). Miss Paradis is also the perfect spot to take guests from Israel when they’re visiting, since the food perfectly gives them a New York taste from home. Bonus? The staff is always accommodating to strollers and high chairs, which makes it easy to a feasible spot for our family when we’re dining with the whole crew!

3) Westville Dumbo, 81 Washington St Brooklyn

Westville is a favorite for many living in New York. But, the fact that we have a Dumbo location walking distance away is the cherry on top for us! Brunch is the best meal of the day, isn’t that true? It’s even better when you’re eating challah French toast the size of your head and they serve homemade granola. Westville is one of our favorite weekend brunch spots, and they’re so kid friendly. The food is excellent (their kale salad is my favorite!) and the portions are large, so there are always many leftovers to be taken home! While the menu boasts savory brunch specials (like avocado toast topped with sunny side up eggs), they are also known for their sweet creations (like that aforementioned challah French toast my kids love) and my boys go crazy over the deliciousness.

Let me know if you like our picks, and if you have any recommendations for us:-)

I would love to hear you

Neshikot= xx





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