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Although I originally hail from Israel, you’d never know it since the color black is at the center of my wardrobe. Dresses, jeans, booties (you know my forever-favorite buckled and studded black booties) – my closet is half filled with chic black, no matter the weather or season. Even on the hottest summer days, I look forward to wearing all of my black clothes. Maybe I’m a true New Yorker at heart, after all? ;)

This summer season, I’m staying true to my black-clothes-loving word and will basically be living in printed T’s and heels, all with a black spin. These past few weeks, I’ve been very in to rockstar style t-shirts (think: eagles/tigers, Led Zeppelin, fiery prints), that are all a bit edgy and reminiscent of a past era in which I was not even yet alive. I may not know many ACDC songs, but I sure do love to rock a printed tee and rep the beloved band and their kin! Rockstar print shirts are kind of trending right now for a night out in Manhattan, too!

Speaking of those elegant black heels…we all need a pair or two (or five? If you’re like me and go a bit crazy at Loeffler Randall sample sale…oops, sorry, Hubby!) of beautiful black heels that are comfortable and go with everything. I love me a good stiletto, but wedges and espadrilles are definitely high priority on my list of summer kicks, especially if they’re black and can be quickly thrown on with whatever I’m wearing to jazz it up for a night out with my husband, Noam or a girls’ night with my best lady friends in New York. Black heels are a great investment, even beyond the going-out nights – think: weddings, holidays and the like. A good black heeled shoe is never a bad purchase.

When I actually sit down and write about my fashion these days, I often reminisce about how much my style has changed through the years. What you see on me today, from head-to-toe, is totally different from what I used to wear ten years ago. Back then, I used to wear pencil skirts pretty much daily and the look was a prime one in my book. Now, I’m way more experimental with my fashion and give myself not only permission, but also encouragement to be different each day and get excited about new styles each season.

Check out my top picks below and let me know what you’re wearing and where you’re shopping this summer!






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