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Those of you that have been following me for a while now know it’s pretty difficult for me to sit still ;). Whether it’s traveling internationally or zipping around NYC, I can be just as energetic as the kids when it comes to exploring. For this reason, I need a stroller that can keep up with me – lightweight, easy to maneuver and easy to fold. When Bugaboo approached me with the latest iteration of their Urban Stroller – the Bugaboo Bee5 – I was excited to take the stylish stroller out for a spin on the city streets. This stroller is entirely customizable with a ton of options (700 to be exact) for you to play around with, including fifteen new colors and materials for the seat, bassinet and sun canopy from Bugaboo’s Core Collection, the Premium Collection of mélange colors or the brand’s new Signature Collection. Since I change up my style constantly, I was super excited to see that the fabric can be separated from the seat so you can update the look of the stroller whenever you’re feeling a little makeover.

Ever since Yuli was born I’ve been searching for the perfect stroller to navigate the NYC sidewalks. It’s important that the stroller be narrow since you never know how crowded it will be, and all the other strollers I’ve encountered seem like a big piece of furniture. They can take up so much space in an apartment and be so hard to manage when you’re passing by groups of people on the sidewalk. I never wanted to feel like I had another sofa stuck in my home, or have to keep saying “excuse me” every time I wanted to walk a few blocks with the kids – no fun at all!

Life in the city can be a whirlwind (in the best way possible) and the best part about the Bee5 is that it won’t slow this family down at all. It makes for an amazingly smooth ride with wheels that have been redesigned for a more stable and swivel-friendly ride! Super important for the NYC terrain. It was so light and perfectly sized for any avenue or walkway. The best part was that it was so easy to push that even Yuli was able to help out with his little sis. So sweet!

My favorite part about raising kids in the city is all of the opportunities you have to try new things and see new sites with your crew in tow. New York is an endless adventure with so many new cuisines, playgrounds and adorable boutiques hiding around every corner. With the Brooklyn Bridge and so many NYC landmarks as your backdrop, there is nothing more magical than a day out on the town! When we set out for a little excursion, we definitely leave the house prepared. Aside from the perfect stroller, here are my must-haves to ensure your day of city wide explorations is free of meltdowns or tantrums…well maybe not completely free of them, but you’ll be as prepared as any momma can be! With all of the attachment points for accessories, packing the stroller up with these essentials is an absolute breeze with the Bee5.

1. Snacks - This is an absolute must since you never know when any of the kids will get hungry and cranky. All of my children love fresh-cut fruit so I always keep some apple slices, mangoes

or strawberries with me. A splash of lemon will keep the fruit extra fresh, and you can pack them with a cooler ice pack.

2. Baby wipes - This is a no-brainer! I always look for unscented, hypoallergenic biodegradable varieties since they are the least irritating for sensitive skin and for the environment.

3. A change of clothes -You never know what types of messes your kids will get in to, especially in a city like New York! I always bring a few clean options just in case ;)

What are your stroller essentials? I’d love to hear your must-haves!

Neshikot= xx

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