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When you live so far away from your family (6000 miles to be exact), it can be challenging to feel continually connected to their daily lives in Israel. Of course, we are all quick to share exciting news, talk on the phone or Facetime whenever we get the chance, and the Israeli family does not lack pictures of my three kids. Just ask them :p! But, keeping in touch from a distance – and feeling like you’re a part of the faraway fun - is so difficult. It’s hard to not be in the same city (or country, for that matter) as some of the individuals who are closest in the world to me. The family will tell us about things going on in their lives, but it feels very distant – it doesn’t touch our hearts as easily half a world away.

​Last month, our Dekel crew headed to Israel to celebrate my baby sister’s wedding! For the first time in a long time, I felt so connected to this occasion. Before our trip, I found myself practically bursting with excitement about my sister’s big day. Even all the way in New York, I felt like I was there with her every step of the planning process, as little Itav (not so little anymore, she’s now 26...) prepared to begin this beautiful next chapter of her life with her best friend. We love her fiancé, and they’ve been dating for a while, so we are overjoyed to officially welcome him into the family.

​My older brother got married when I was 21. I am 36 now, you can do the math! It’s been over a decade since there’s been a real wedding in the Goren family. You may remember that Noam and I had a low-key ceremony at City Hall here in New York, and celebrated with the nearest and dearest members of our families only. Officially, this was the second wedding that my parents threw. This made it all the more exciting, especially for my mother and father. My kids were also so excited about Aunt Itav’s wedding and couldn’t wait to be a part of the ceremony and celebration. It was their first wedding celebration of a family member (and Romi’s first wedding, altogether!).

​Speaking of Noam’s and my low-key wedding…in thinking about Itav’s big day, it makes me wonder if maybe one day Noam and I will have a wedding celebration of our own. Perhaps we’ll finally have a wedding party with family and extended close friends and throwback a celebration to that special day at City Hall! It’s exciting to think about – it would be such a beautiful day. I’d get to wear a real wedding dress, we’d have a band and dancing, delicious food – and, best of all, our kids would be able to be a part of the big day. Hey, it may be a bit unconventional (and also a tad bit delayed), but it would surely be memorable!

​Back to my sister…! I dedicate this post to my little Itav. I am so proud of the woman (and aunt!) you have become and am so grateful I had the chance to share in this special and beautiful celebration with you. You’re one of my favorite people in the world, and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of one of the most important days in your life. Having a sister like you has been a gift.

​Here are some pictures from her special day, and a link to shop my dress!

Neshikot= lXX





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