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Coming back from vacation, aka mini getaway, can be a bummer, especially one as relaxing and beautiful as our last weekend in Hudson. Luckily, we get to call New York City home and can create our own mini getaway to keep the fun going all summer long. Instead of booking a flight and hopping on another airplane or driving somewhere we decided to use an alternative mode of transportation: the Bugaboo Bee5! Not only is this a gorgeous stroller with the option to customize a color combo that matches my New Yorker style, but it is also a must-have for inner-city travel and it made our day of exploring effortless...a word that is not often used for traveling with small children. ;) The compact frame and one-hand folding mechanism made this stroller easy to bring into a taxi or out of a subway train. We decided to take a little trip uptown to Flatiron this Thursday afternoon.

We packed light this time around (no suitcases needed!), and made our way to Italy. Well, Eataly to be exact. This amazing foodie destination in right in the heart of Flatiron truly transports you to Europe. There are so many delicious and authentic Italian products lining the store as well as restaurants (here's a link to a post I wrote about kid friendly restaurants we love) and food stands for every type of craving you can imagine: gelato, espresso, pizza, pasta, chocolate and more. This spot definitely attracts a ton of people each day, and with so many awesome things to check out it tends to get a bit crowded. Thankfully the Bugaboo Bee5 is super narrow and easy to twist and turn around. We were able to move around easily and made it to a few of the kids’ favorite destinations inside. I highly recommend the fresh pasta – it truly is the closest you can get to Italy in NYC without having to get on a plane. We also sampled some authentic Italian gelato which was a perfect treat for this hot summer day.

Eataly is right next to the Flatiron building which is such a fun NYC landmark. We passed by the building and I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the city I get to call home. Sure, vacation is always wonderful (and sometimes necessary!) but getting reacquainted with NYC these past few days has been equally as nice. There are so many cool buildings, shops (the kids favorite store- the LEGO store), and restaurants to visit and each area is so different from the next. Flatiron is cool because there are a ton of outdoor seating options and Madison Square Eats, an outdoor vendor market, just opened by the park. It’s a perfect summer destination for families because there’s a ton to do in such a small radius of space. The Bee5’s extendable sun canopy came in handy when we all enjoyed this outdoor spot, but I definitely didn’t mind the sunshine in my face.

A day like today reminded me of why I love this city. Each day can be made into a mini vacation if you have the energy to explore and the right stroller to push! Here's the previous post I wrote about our favorite stroller. I plan on taking a visit to another area of NYC soon, and reacquainting myself with the places I love with my kids by my side. Whether it’s the East Village, Upper West Side or Union Square there are so many options and beautiful sites to see – no passports required. Can’t wait for the next journey and to tell you all about it

Neshikot= Xx





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