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You all know that I am a big fan of social media - especially Instagram! - as it allows for showcasing beauty in the wonderful little aspects of every day life and lays the foundation for a myriad of unexpected connections worldwide. I'm an avid poster, and take no shame in that! I love interacting with my fellow mamas and favorite brands and especially love having daily documentation of my three kids - something I can look back on in years to come to remember all of the fun things we did as a little family day in, and day out.

That being said- Instagram shows the best of the best in its posts. We all pay very careful attention to what we put out there for the world to see (and judge us by). I wouldn't even say we're all "guilty" of this high self-portrayal, since it's almost intrinsic to the concept of social media and self-branding. While my posts show the current me - the fashion-savvy mama and wife (with a burgeoning 2-pack!) that I've grown to be- the social media brand didn't even exist back when I was a teenager or in my 20s. So, I want to take a stroll down memory lane and tell you a little bit about what I was like during my most formative years...

Let me just start by saying I most definitely did not always look the way that I do now. At various points in my young adult life, I was much heavier and the word fitness would not have ever been associated with my name. In fact, at one point during middle school and later on during high school, I lost 25 pounds off of my frame. Forget that aforementioned burgeoning two pack- out of the question, for sure. I went through a platinum blonde phase (yes, you read that right - platinum blonde along with my tan Mediterranean skin, great look) for over 11 years, too. Call it trendy, call it experimental, call it...not such a pretty pairing! I also used to wear very tight clothes - as that was deemed the most fashionable thing back in the day. While I may have been the same Dikla underneath, I most certainly looked very different on the outside.

My style completely transformed nearly six years ago. From fashion choices and hair color to fitness adherence and good eats. I grew up in many ways through the transcontinental move in my late twenties and changed many aspects of my look to reflect a more mature, confident, healthy fashion-conscious New York woman.

Forget the tight outfits. I'm all about the flowey, earthy, natural look these days. I am a mama of three and have been pregnant for most of the last decade. I like to be comfortable and natural and want to be able to move around in the pieces I wear. I recognize that my body, too, is different from that of a 20-something year old girl, and, in fact, tight clothing may not even be the most flattering type for my frame at this point in time. And, that's okay! I am proud of my body as it gave me the three greatest gifts of my life.

With respect to my hair, I now go for a low-key, low-maintenance look these days. I am definitely not reverting back to my platinum blonde mane anytime soon. Yes, I do have highlights; but they are subtle and add a bit more nuanced character to my locks. I get them touched up when I can and definitely don't stress about them growing out or peeking through my natural color (the understated coloring is so worth it for this reason, alone!). Here's a post I wrote about how I take care of my hair.

Fitness, too, has become a central part of my life, especially as a mama of three who is trying to reclaim my post-pregnancy body as much as I can.Here's a post I wrote right about getting my body back right after I gave birth to baby Romi. I see fitness as a way of life - a path for health and longevity. I want to look good, yes, but I also want to feel good and energized so that I can run around after my boys and carry baby Romi in my arms for hours on end. I appreciate clean eating now more than ever and take pride in hitting the gym and keeping my body in the best shape I can. See the post I wrote about my fitness lately. To reiterate, it would be unrealistic for me to have pre-baby body goals - we mamas need to really take that in. But striving for a strong frame is a worthy and attainable goal (with hard work!) in my book.

I share this post with you to encourage you to be confident in your whole self (mind and body) and your choices. All of us social media mamas did not look this way since the beginning of time and hey, we sometimes don't even look this way when we are lounging around our homes in pajamas sipping coffee on the couch. We are all beautiful women who have a lot to offer the world, and we can't ever lose sight of that.

Let me know how you've transformed since motherhood (or before). I'd love to connect on shared transformative experiences - those previous and to come!

XX- Neshikot






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