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OK, mamas, listen up! Buy a kimono. I know you probably just read that last little short sentence and went, wait, what? Is Dikla being serious right now or is it the very real mommy-brain talking? Is she planning a vacation to Japan? Ladies, yes, I am being serious (no mommy -brain aspect to this contention whatsoever!) and no, I have no trips to Japan on the horizon (unless my husband is planning to surprise me?!). ;) Trust me on this one, the kimono is the new piece you need this fall – at least in my books.

Let me backtrack for a hot minute and explain how I came to this revelation. On a whim, I purchased this fun kimono piece on Amazon! As soon as I laid my eyes on the Japanese-inspired, floral-print number, I knew I had to own it. With respect to fashion, I strongly believe in risk-taking – experimenting with colors, cuts, new brands – anything to shake up a wardrobe and learn more about how to express myself and grow my personal style. I considered this colorfully patterned piece the perfect addition to my fall closet and did not even realize at the time how truly correct I was.

Admittedly, at first I wore my new kimono just to prove that it wasn’t a wasteful purchase and that I actually bought it to use it (the hubby appreciated this, seeing as my closet is over-flowing and I often wear the same handful of t-shirts and jeans to run around with the kids haha). But, over the course of the summer, I started wearing my kimono more and more. Yes, I’d wear it on Saturday morning, when I still drink coffee in bed, and for nights’ out and dinner dates (perhaps these were the anticipated occasions for use upon purchase), but I also found myself throwing it on to pick the kids up from camp or when grabbing a quick bite to eat with friends. I began to see how easy and versatile the piece really was. I was able to pair it with jeans, shorts, even dresses – and each outfit (surprisingly!) worked.

I started to wonder where the kimono was all my life, and why I had only just added this seemingly-novel piece to my wardrobe. What a fantastic supplement to my aforementioned busting closet! For starters, it’s incredibly comfortable and perfect for layering (as I mentioned, it even looked chic when worn over a dress). I usually find myself lounging around the house in it, too, seeing as it’s so light and airy, I could practically fall asleep in it. And, like dresses, it has that “one-piece-makes-an-outfit” quality that I absolutely love. You just throw the kimono on over a host of basics and voila, the perfect ensemble for a handful of occasions is easily made in a matter of two short minutes.

I also feel the need to share that this age-old piece (did you know kimonos have been around for thousands of years?!) has this unspoken quality about it that makes it so darn sexy! I don’t know if it’s the silkiness or flowiness, or the throwback to a beautiful era in Japanese history and the culture that it now represents, but I feel like a very cool mama when I wear my kimono.

You know me, I wouldn’t just give you a nugget of fashion advice without directing you towards some of the products in its category that I absolutely love. Check out my next favorite kimono and one more kimono here (and other fall pieces too) that are on my list...

What do you ladies think- ready to rock a kimono?! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this bold look. I believe you have the power to wear one! And, if you do choose to add a kimono into your look, tag me in pictures on Instagram - @diklagoren! I want to see you!

Neshikot= XX





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