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Hi beautiful friends! You may have seen some exciting news on my Instagram lately… our little Dekel crew is moving! While our spot in Dumbo has been home for the last three years – it’s the only apartment Romi have ever known, - we felt it was time to expand. With three young kids in tow the need for more space was becoming more apparent by the day, especially as baby Romi continued to grow into a real person. But, fret not friends in BK – we are moving just up the block! We love the Dumbo neighborhood and couldn’t quite let go of its charm, good views, great eats, and proximity into the ever-bustling City. Each of us is super excited for this next step as a family. The only downside? We had barely any notice to switch apartments. Hey, that’s New York City real estate for you, isn’t it?! The market wants what the market gets. Plus, Yuli and Ori were off for fall break and Columbus Day, and the time for packing (versus entertaining the boys and Romi) seemed absolutely nonexistent. So, what’s a mama of three to do? Include the kids in the process, of course!

Check out my five foolproof tips (well, seemingly so, since they luckily worked for Noam and me this last week!) for moving with kids…when the kids are around AND it’s on very short notice! 1. Let the kids help and be involved in their own ways! Giving the kids the chance to be a part of the process makes the whole move an adventure for them (and way less stressful for us all of us). Yuli and Ori were so excited to be given tasks throughout the week, and I was happy to have them assist with packing up their toys and games. They felt important and needed in the moving process, plus having them pack up little items here and there helped them stay preoccupied over break! Win-win all around. 2. Let them draw on the moving boxes! Maybe this is another preoccupation tactic (or I was trying to channel my inner art teacher while the boys were on vacation, who knows?!), but trust me – they will take this task very seriously and adults in the room will get some real quality packing time. Again, another win-win! 3. Ask for help! Yes, you, my mama friends, are super women and you always will be! But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t ask for help. Since all of our family lives in Israel and can’t simply come over and help with the moving process as soon as I snap my fingers, I decided to

use Make Room to help me wrap up my kitchen. It was the best decision to do so! I didn’t need to worry about my kitchen getting packed up at all and was able to focus on other aspects of the packing process and move. The company packs and unpacks everything exactly how it looked in the original space. Having someone handle the kitchen in this way was absolutely amazing. I am so grateful! Thank you, Make Room, you rock!

4. Look at moving as an opportunity to donate! I explained to the kids that a move is a great way to pack up toys they no longer like or play with and share them with other children who are less fortunate and don’t have access to the plethora of toys they do. Noam and I saw this as a great time to teach the boys about donations and sharing, and we were so proud of how excited they were to help. Plus, keeping moving parts as minimal as possible during a move makes for an easier transition, especially on the latter end when it’s time to unpack in your new home. 5. Unpack the kids’ rooms first! we are moving in this Friday so Noam and I are planning to unpacked the boys’ room while they are at school, so as soon as they get home to a new house, they immediately recognize their beds, clothes and toys. We will try to set it up nearly exactly the same way as their old space. This will help them realize that moving is way less dramatic than they might think (and helps them miss their old home a bit less!). Have any of you mamas moved your families any time recently? I’d love to hear feedback on these moving tips and how you ensured a seamless transition for your kids! XX





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