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Every time we go back to Israel, Kinder Eggs are one of the first things we pick up at the grocery store. These chocolate eggs hold a special surprise inside - a little toy that is as exciting to my kids as the actual candy. Well, we no longer have to travel thousands of miles to get our fix because Kinder Joy is finally in the US! To celebrate, Ori and I had ourselves a date that was sweeter than all of the chocolate we consumed that day.

A few weeks ago, Yuli and I also had a chocolate date. We went to a chocolate making class and learned to whip up custom creations. When Kinder Joy announced their US debut, I knew Ori was the perfect companion. Not only does he love these chocolates whenever we travel outside of the country, he also has been excited to share some quality time with his momma. And let me tell you - he was the perfect date. Ori might be five, but he sure knows how to work a crowd. Between working the dance floor and the awesome America-themed step and repeat, he was a little rockstar. He also was in chocolate heaven. He must’ve eaten ten eggs himself, and even got to personally share some treats with the beautiful Malin Akerman from Billions!

The event was super cool and so much fun. We tried the new version of Kinder Eggs which are slightly different from the ones we buy in Israel. The eggs are still made from yummy treat and have two halves. One is totally edible - sweet cream and cocoa-flavored chocolate with wafer bites that are filled with a cocoa cream that is meant to be eaten with the spoon included in the package. The other half has a little toy which range from a small race car, crayons, balls and more. I love these treats because you get to see two smiles in one tiny package - once when your kid tastes the treat and again when they reveal the toy inside.

Kinder totally brings me back to my childhood in Israel - and this event was no different. They had a life-sized keyboard like the one Tom Hanks grooved on in Big! After that sugar high Ori and I took the keyboard out for a spin. It’s safe to say this date was just as successful as the previous one with Yuli. With all the Kinder Eggs we brought home, it might be time for a sugar detox for me! Well, maybe…



This post is sponsored by Kinder. Content and opinions, as always, are my own.





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