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Hi guys!

If you’re on the east coast you know how crazy low the weather has dipped these past few weeks. When the outdoors are this cold and unpredictable, I look to Rent Feather to turn my home into a sanctuary for the family. As we spend more time indoors this winter, it’s becoming more important to me to find the perfect furniture pieces to complete the look of our apartment and Rent Feather makes it super easy.

Since our recent move, I’ve been slowly adding pieces to make the new place feel like home and

Rent Feather is just like trying on clothes at the store before committing to buying them! They have awesome collections that you can see in your very own place within a couple of days. Test it out for a month or more - you can select a 12 month rent if you fall in love with a piece. The best part is that everything comes assembled/ they assemble it in your home(!) , so Noam doesn’t have to tinker around with tools and instructions all afternoon :)

The website is easy to navigate - just choose between bedroom, living room, dining room or office and you can shop various items or collections. Take a peek below for some of my favorite options for each category!


The Hip Collection is sleek and elegant. I love the look of wood with gold accents - such a fun vibe for a bedroom! This starts out at just $109 a month to rent.

Dining Room:

How cute is this table? It’s perfect for morning coffee and the size is great for all living in the NYC area. $14 a month to rent.

Living Room:

As a family we spend a lot of time together in this space! We got some really cool pieces for our new living room.

I'm working on a blog post that shows my entire apartment, to stay tuned...

Neshikot= xx






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