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Hi guys!

So I finally took the plunge and went on my first girls trip since becoming a mother of three! And I couldn’t be happier with our choice in location and hotel. The Bastion Luxury Hotel in Cartagena Colombia was absolutely beautiful and just what us girls needed to get away from the NYC cold and chaos. Kissing the kids and Noam goodbye for the weekend was definitely difficult, but learning to take some me time is a big goal of mine for 2018. I knew the kids would be in good hands and I would always be just a phone call away.

I have to say, a plane ride without toddlers is SUCH a crazy experience. I forgot what it’s like to carry just one bag, sit back and relax - weird, but totally amazing. I guess I got a little taste of what Noam experienced last month when he flew solo to Miami!

When we got to the hotel, I was in shock by how gorgeous the views were and how perfectly situated we were in one of the best areas of Cartagena. All of the best boutiques, restaurants and parks were just walking distance from our rooms, which were spacious and designed with an amazing terrace. We were welcomed with tropical drinks and a sweet note from the staff. This definitely set the tone for the rest of the trip - everyone was super attentive and made sure each day was special for me and the girls. From our arrival to the airport (they picked us up and brought us to the hotel!) to our departure from paradise, the concierge went above and beyond to deliver top service throughout.

The first morning was surreal. I woke up and actually got to enjoy my morning coffee - zero interruptions. And Colombian coffee, no less! With breakfast in bed and a big cup of freshly brewed coffee I was one happy gal. It is SO important for us moms to take a break, relax and enjoy ourselves. Moments like these are so precious and bring us back to who we are without kids. Although being a mom is the greatest thing that ever happened to me, I have so many other sides to my personality and getting back in touch with those versions of myself has been great. Luckily we all have supportive husbands who let us take this special time for ourselves.

The food in Cartagena included all my favorites, and the best meal of the day was breakfast at the Bastion Hotel. Amazingly fresh fruit and exotic items that are hard to come by in NYC like dragon fruit and passion fruit. Aside from all of the relaxing we did by the pool and their spa, the girls and I also got all dolled up for a night out on the town. We went dancing at La Movida and sampled cocktails at El Quimico, a mixology bar that was giving us some serious Narcos vibes. The weather was exactly what we needed - sunshine for the days we sat poolside and perfectly warm and breezy for our night time excursions

Although I couldn’t get enough of the delicious Colombian food, we also ate a great japanese spot called Moshi. It’s not a girls trip without some sushi, right?! Our adventures also took us to Isla Baru and the white sand beach of Playa Blanca. I was able to set up a foot massage right by the water which was pure bliss. As we lied in the sunshine and escaped the pressures of home, we shared our stories, experiences and laughed about the things only moms understand. There is nothing like quality time with girlfriends to get you recharged and reinvigorated. And we all loved the fact that our hubbies were back at home getting in their one-on-one time with kids. The selfies I got from Noam were priceless, and a constant reassurance that everyone back home was well taken care of.

By the time the trip was over, we were sad to get back to reality but I was missing my family too much and couldn’t wait to hug and kiss each one. Opening the door to our home and seeing those happy faces made my heart swell. Coming back with a fresh mind, new appreciation for my girlfriends (and a tan) was just what I needed.

We all love being moms, but to better care for your family you have to take care of yourself! There’s a reason why the airline services tell you to put those oxygen masks on before your children - you have to have a healthy mind and body to care for your most prized possessions: your kids and husband. So take a deep breath, laugh with your girlfriends and enjoy some YOU time. You deserve it!

Neshikot= xx





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