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Happy Valentines Day friends! If you follow my blog, you know that Noam and I have known each other for decades, since we were six to be exact!! And if you don't or you need a reminder, click to read the post Our Love Story . So many years together and three children later, romance can easily take a back seat in the daily hustle. It is important to not only find a loving partner, but also to find someone that is willing to put in the time and effort needed to nurture your relationship. Am I right?

Last year I wrote the post “How To Keep The Spark Alive” and thought it would be fun to have my hubby do it this year! Five ways to keep the spark alive by Noam... Validated and verified by me ;)

1. Get back in touch with your roots- the same old date night routine gets old. Dinner and a movie is great but every once in a while shaking things up will bring back that date night spark! We like to act like we did back in the pre kiddo days and go out dancing until 6am!

2. Get creative- a curated date night at home can also be a great way to keep thing HOT.

Step 1: put the kids down for the night as early as possible:-)

Step 2: open a bottle of wine (or two) and cook something yummy. Preferably something with an aphrodisiac. I enjoy cooking very much but the best part is to see D (Dikla) smiling when eating delicious dishes I cook...

Step 3: put on some good music. We like the jam to the 80s while in the kitchen...sometimes we even dance. It’s a great way to reconnect and enjoy everything from the food to dessert ;) date night at home is our absolute favorite.

3. Travel without the kids (at least once a year)- every year we find some way to sneak off alone for a few days. We don’t have a nanny to rely on, so once we dropped off the kids in Israel with our parents and flew to Greece from there. on another time her parents flew to NY to stay with the kids and we went to Burning Man. Some of my best memories are the ones we created together when we were "stuck" with each other 24/7. Spending time together as a couple and keeping the fire burning is essential for a happy marriage and the quick getaways help us recharge our love and stay young at heart.

4. Invest in some stems- I love watching Dikla’s face when I bring home a floral arrangement. And even more so when it’s not even a special occasion(!) (brownie points). Even though they die quickly, I find them a long term investment.

5. Pay attention- It doesn't matter how busy our days get, I try to stop and find a few minutes to connect with Dikla. If it’s hopping in the shower together (we usually shower together!) or meeting for a quick coffee, there is something nice about asking her, “how’s your day going?”

Let me know if you have questions for Noam! you can always DM me. :-)

Happy day friends!







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