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Hi Guys,

I get many questions about my IG posts such as: Who takes your pictures? How did you capture that snap? What program do you use to edit your pics? So I thought it might be helpful to give everyone a bi monthly dose of reality to help do away with any misconceptions. The making of an instagram post: 5 confessions by this mom blogger

1. I realized it was international woman day 10 minutes before my usual post time. I planned to shoot the matching PJs but I didn’t have any props and bananas was the only item I found that I had 5 of at home! So bananas it was, plus a cute caption by my trusty assistant to match.

2. I took this pic of Noam kissing me with the TRIPOD! This picture was taken after I got home from my girls trip in Cartagena. I knew that I need a picture of us together and the switshirt was on point. Even though it took a few takes, it was well worth it ;)

3.My friends and family know what I do for a living and are always willing to help. On our last trip to Israel, we took the kids camping and I really wanted a fitting snap with the tent. But there was so much sun at 8:00am and our tent was in a very bright spot. We couldn't get the shot so we used our friends tent that was placed in the shade. Good times and so many laughs!

4. This is another picture from our last trip to Israel. Security there is tight so this was no easy task but I was determine to get a pic with the plane on the ground. Usually the guards are very cooperative but this time they weren’t having it and kicked us off the premises. Thankfully I was able to capture a great shot before they did!

5. I often get asked if I have a photographer follow us around, and the answer is NO. Ya right!?!? I usually map out the shot and show whoever takes the picture the right angle to shoot it from. This one was taking by a tourist since no one else in their right mind would leave the house during a bomb cyclone. I was so lucky to find a photographer on the street that day because the picture turned out great! So there you have my behind the scenes look at getting that insta-worthy shot! I’d love to hear your feedback and if you’re interested in reading more! please comment on my instagram feed!







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