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Hey mommas!

Who is gearing up for Mother’s Day? If you’re in the NYC area and are a jewelry girl like myself I hope you’ll join me tomorrow, May 10th from 5:00 to 8:00 with the world-renowned designer Swarovski. We’ll be celebrating all of the hard work us moms do with gorgeous jewelry! Check out the new Mother’s Day Collection that is as multifaceted, unique and striking as us moms are.

My idea of Mother’s Day has completely changed since I’ve become a mom. My kids are my everything, and celebrating my role as their mom is always emotional and special. They are my three biggest accomplishments – just in tiny packages. A holiday like this deserves something timeless and breathtaking, which is why the first jewelry piece I ever got for my own mom was from Swarovski when I was 15.

I remember the moment so clearly – I wanted to give her a gift that captured the significance of our relationship and all of the amazing things she has done for me over the years. Of course a piece of jewelry can’t explain how much I love my mom, but Swarovski crystals was definitely a good place to start! I used my own money to buy the piece for her and she was so moved. She still wears the jewelry to this day!

Now, years later I build upon this memory with my own children. With the new Mother’s Day collection, I was excited to check out the pieces with little Romi. She may not be able to buy me the jewelry but her fashion expertise was enough of a gift for me! Our favorite picks include the Latisha Flower Pendant ,the choker, Stella Watch and the Sparkling Dance Flower Set. Any of these are great picks for your mom, friends or (my favorite idea) yourself!

Shop all of the new collection this Thursday at the Swarovski Times Square event or you can find all of these looks online.

Happy Mother’s Day, mommas! You are all deserving of the world’s most beautiful gifts.






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