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Hi guys!

When it comes to technology, it seems as though my kids are more hi-tech than Noam and I put together! I guess this is the age we live in now – who knows what crazy new contraption Yuli and Ori will be trying to explain to me when they’re all grown up. Flying cars? Self-driving machines? I just hope they’re still wearing a seat belt when this all becomes our new reality ;)

For now, instead of seat belts I am so excited to share info on a different kind of safety protection for the whole family – bluwinx blue light glasses! As you know, the Dekel family loves to travel and our car rides, flights and down time would not be as manageable without iPads, tablets and other portable electronics. It makes it easier for the kids to kick back and watch their favorite shows or play games while we get to our final destinations. But just like we need UV protection from the sunlight when we get to the pool or beach, we also need protection for our eyes from the often harsh blue light of technology. Enter bluwinx: a blue light filtering lens that prevents digital eye strain from a wide array of devices.

The styles and frames are super cute and start from age 3. When the iPhones and iPads come out, Yuli and Ori put on their special computer glasses lenses and are instantly protected from any eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision or headaches associated with artificial blue light. The glasses can also help you and your kids get better sleep! I know that after watching a TV show before bed, my nighttime routine can be disrupted. I just pop on my own stylish pair of bluwinx glasses before I get into bed for some quality TV time and falling asleep is way easier afterwards.

I highly recommend giving these blue light glasses a try. Did you know that 2/3 of Americans spend 9 hours of the day in front of their digital device? In this highly digital world it’s important to adapt. For now, we’ll be using our glasses… and in twenty years I’ll be asking the kids to buckle up before they get into their flying cars! Moms will be moms…

Use code DIKLA15 for 15% off.

Xx = Neshikot






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