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I was never really into babies before becoming a mother. Today I can’t imagine the world without my three little monkeys. I remember how excited we were when I first realized I was pregnant with Yuli. I had just moved to NYC from Israel 3 months prior to seeing those double lines on the pregnancy test.

Soon after, second bundle of joy Ori joined the family. I was so happy to be giving Yuli a best friend for life! I hit the jackpot when I fell pregnant the third time. After two boys getting the news that I was having a girl was the icing on the cake! With each child, I have come to grasp the miracle bestowed upon me and the expenses too (my mom always says just wait till they get older)!! Life is not cheap as a family of five in NYC and so much of our monthly budget goes to buying groceries household items, and... diapers!!!! Yes, we’ve been buying diapers since Yuli was born in 2011 and haven’t had a break since!

I want to make 2018 a year about giving back to my followers and the moms that support me. I realize a coupon code or giveaway isn’t the mega million but if I can put a smile on one mother’s face, I’ve done my work for the day. Since diapers are a huge financial burden on families with young children, I’ve decided to partner up with the cutest diaper brand @CutiesBabyCare and giveaway a one month supply of diapers and wipes! The diapers are thin and have beautiful design. They fit easily into the diaper bag and don’t give Romi a double butt. The wipes are also a big hit around the house (we use them for everything). To enter the GIVEAWAY head over to my INSTAGRAM FEED!

Meanwhile, give this brand a go and use coupon code 20TRYCUTIES for 20% off! Click here.

Good luck!







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