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Hey everyone!

Sleep and motherhood is a tricky subject. It seems as though ever since my first born came into the world I’ve been in need of a serious nap for like the past six years :) Getting a full night’s sleep in my casa is pretty much a no-go, as there is always a surprise visitor in our bed on the daily.

Although I love when the kids are all cuddled up in bed with Noam and I, it doesn’t exactly allow for the most restful night’s sleep.

As a mother of three I’ve learned to adjust my sleep schedule and embrace the notion of quality of sleep which is almost more significant than the quantity of hours. Great quality rest starts with an amazing mattress, so Noam and I traded in our traditional spring mattress for a Leesa. It’s a medium-firm mattress that is made from three layers of foam for contouring pressure relief and core support. You barely feel any motion, so no disturbances when Noam rustles around or when the kids crawl (or jump!) into bed.

Aside from a killer mattress, here’s how I optimize my sleep environment to ensure the best snooze. Even if it is just a three hour a night!

Keep it dark. As much as I love a little late night TV before bed, I aim to completely disconnect from technology and avoid blinking lights from email alerts or text messages. Turn off your phone, remove the laptops from the room and enjoy the quiet darkness.

Exercise. Regular exercise help me destress and fall asleep quickly. I love a late night pilates or yoga session whenever I can squeeze it in.

Adopt a relaxation routine. Whether it’s deep breathing, meditation, lighting candles or essential oils, I try to make my bedtime routine as relaxing as a spa retreat. Although my time spent sleeping can be cut short, I make sure I treat it like a mini vacation each time I slip into my PJs and get into bed.

Get comfy! Whether it’s a Leesa mattress, satin sheets or an amazing pajama set, make sure you’re as comfortable as possible in your bedroom. Trying out the Leesa mattress is like getting a total upgrade to your sleep environment. The combination of performance foam, cooling bounce and contouring pressure relief feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud – even if it’s just for a few precious hours.

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How do you guys deal with the hectic sleep schedule of mommyhood? I’d love to hear your tips!







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