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Birthday Bashes from Baby to Boyhood

Hey all!

Every time one of my kids turn another year older I think the same thing: “where has the time gone?” It seems as though you blink and your little baby is already grown up, with a personality, sense of style and independence! A few weeks ago my not-so-little Yuli turned 7 and a few days later Ori turned 4, which got me thinking about birthday celebrations through the ages. It’s so important to commemorate these moments, although it is hard for me to come to terms with the fact that my baby is another year older! Seeing the look on their faces as they blow out the candles, dance with their friends or clap along to the Happy Birthday song is so priceless.

For Yuli’s 7th birthday, he was more of a collaborator when it came to party planning. He knew exactly what type of cake he wanted, who should be included on the guest list and where the party should take place. But for younger kiddos like Romi, it’s important to create an experience that includes their favorite things and is toddler-friendly. I like to think outside of the box – pizza parties are great, but I find the memories are so much more meaningful when the party is unique to the kids’ personality. And I’m sure you mommas know – even if your kid isn’t speaking full sentences yet, they DEFINITELY have a personality. Here are some cool ideas for a birthday party for littles ones under the age of three. Hoping to use one of these for Romi’s next birthday party! These are places in NYC, but try searching for similar locations if you live outside of Manhattan.

* CoolMess – It’s no secret that kids love ice cream, but Romi takes it to a whole new level. She even asks for ice cream for breakfast sometimes! This ice cream parlor on the Upper East side offers a party package where little ones can whip up a batch of their very own ice cream, and adults can also join in on the fun.

* Voila Chocolat – Again, my little girl LOVES sweets. At this Upper West Side location kids put on aprons to make their own chocolate out of a variety of shapes and sizes. Add-ons include hot chocolate, catering and adult beverages like prosecco and beer.

* Recess d.u.m.b.o – This place is in our neighborhood and is a great canvas for a toddler’s birthday party. You can bring in any type of theme or idea and the space has a ton of playroom games to use.

For Yuli and Ori, the place of choice was Court 16 Tennis in Long Island City – an awesome indoor tennis club for kids and adults, and the only tennis court in the US with LED tennis courts! super cool at night! The kids got to play tennis while the adults kicked back and watched or played too!. The party packages are awesome, and can include everything from digital invites and cake and candles. We brought some adult beverages for our friends to enjoy, and all of the kids had a blast(!) learning tennis skills and playing with one another. Yuli was excited to show off his moves, and the boys still talk about the event to this day.

How do you guys celebrate birthdays? Any ideas for an upcoming party?

Would love to hear





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