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Parenting Fantasy vs. Reality

Hey everyone!

Before I became a mom, I had an idea of what type of parent I would be. I thought that I would be able to spend hours on end playing and teaching them everything I know. The reality is that finding time is difficult, and life gets hectic no matter how much you plan. Still, there are a few things I will never give up no matter how insane my schedule gets:

• picking up the kids from school

• having a fresh dinner on the table

• making time for at least one activity on the weekends

I wonder what other moms’ non-negotiables are for parenting. I have friends that prioritize bed-time stories, or would rather make sitting down for a home-cooked breakfast a must rather than preparing dinner. We all develop our own unique parenting style, and it’s all about give and take. My mom was a teacher and I always came home after school to a fresh meal on the table. I guess that is where I got my own parenting style from!

I think it’s easy to feel guilty over not being able to spend every second with your kid, but I’ve found that it helps to value the moments we are with them and to make the memories extra special. That is why traveling and seeing new places is so important to me.

For the moments in-between, when Noam and I are busy with work or the schedules in our lives outside of being parents, we are thankful for the amazing technology that our parents weren’t able to rely on when we were growing up. We trust LeapFrog Academy to give our kids educational material when school is out. LeapFrog Academy is an interactive learning program for kids aged 3 – 6 that guides children through different learning adventures & activities. The best part is that they can play anywhere – whether it’s while they are waiting for after-school pick-up, in the car, with a baby-sitter or while I am

cooking; the app is compatible on iPhones, tables, and most desktop computers.

Yuli and Ori love the variety of games the app has, and I LOVE how many subjects LeapFrog provides - from creativity, problem solving, and social-emotional skills. An added mom-bonus: I feel like I can relax when they are playing on the app, because the programs are designed by educators & totally age appropriate.

The LeapFrog Epic ™ Academy edition is the device we use to play the app, but Leapfrog academy is compatible on a bunch of different devices (iPad, iPhone, Amazon Fire, most Android phones and tablets, LeapFrog tablets, and Windows or Apple computers). What we love about the LeapFrog Epic is that it is pre-loaded with a 3-month free trial and $175 worth of learning content including math, science, and critical thinking. The home screen is customizable so Yuli and Ori each create their own learning environment with stickers and weather watching technology.

Through the program, I’ve noticed Yuli and Ori’s curiosity in more things when we spend time together. They are so excited to show me the things they are learning on the app, and ask more questions which I love. Even though I don’t get to spend 24 hours a day with my boys (a pre-mom fantasy of mine), I cherish every second I get to be with my kids and finding ways to be part of their LeapFrog Learning Adventures when we are together has been so much fun.



*This post is a paid post sponsored by Leapfrog Academy; all thoughts in the blog are my own





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