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Hi guys!

Back-to-school brings about a whole new schedule and list of things to think about for us moms and dads. Packing lunch, keeping up with after-school activities and early morning routines are all a part of our new Fall schedule, but there is nothing worse than when some unexpected visitors come to town and throw your whole household off balance! Yes, that right – I’m talking about lice.

One of the biggest back to school bummers is the head lice that often comes along with it! As excited as we all are to be reunited with our school friends, the classroom can be a breeding ground for all sorts of contagious problems. All too often one of my kids’ friends will come back from vacation with lice and those pesky pests will bounce around the entire classroom within a few days!

I will be the first to admit that finding one of the kiddos (especially Ori with his long locks) with lice in their hair stresses me out. So you could imagine my happiness when I heard about Lice Clinics of America, who offer an all-natural and safe solution that works guaranteed. Their heated-air device is the only pesticide-free, toxin-free, FDA cleared product on the market that will kill lice AND their eggs in just one treatment – no more of those harsh chemical shampoos and uncomfortable combs. And Ori is so into it because it reminds him of a superheroes secret weapon!

When dealing with head lice, you want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible and stop the spread from head to head, especially if you a big household like us. If one of my kids comes home with a scratchy scalp, you can rest assured I’m reaching straight for my Lice Clinics of America device so that the other two don’t catch the same thing… or that the lice don’t jump into my hair or Noam’s! The Dekel family has way too much to do these days – we have no time for combing through five heads of lice, which is not only yucky and no fun but also keeping us from enjoying our busy back-to-school schedules.

Lice Clinics of America makes it super easy to return to normal life once head lice hits, and knowing this product exists makes it that much easier to send my kids off to school to play with their friends carefree. I’m thankful for one less thing to worry about – now on to getting lunches, dinner, school supplies and the little ones’ scheduling in order!

Good luck on back-to-school season, mommas! We got this.







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