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Can you believe it’s already the last week of August? Where has the time gone, and how is Fall practically here?! I’m sure all of the Mamas reading this can say that with camp ending and the back to school rush beginning, we have our hands very full. New outfits, school supplies, pre-class ‘homework’ – any of this ring a bell? As the summer winds down, and our Dekel crew begins to shift into the school season, I’m so excited to share that I’ve partnered with Renew Life Probiotics and their Back-to-School Routine. This is a campaign that I’ve been looking forward to championing for a while, and I’m happy to finally share about it with you all!

Changing gears from a more flexible post-camp summer schedule of staying up later, sleeping in, and eating precisely when hungry, to a school schedule of waking up before 7 AM, eating at scheduled times, sitting for hours in class and going to bed on the early side of the evening can be quite a feat for any child – assuredly more so, if you have three children with varying schedules like we do. For our Dekel Crew, the first week of school is the toughest week of the year – for the kids and for us! Our mornings are so much busier, especially since Noam and I like to wake up even earlier than our alarm to spend some quality time before wash-up and breakfast with the kids (and before the lunchbox making, dressing, and running out the door in a mad rush begins, of course). Sometimes, I’m not even sure if I’ve changed out of my pajamas when we’re already on the way to school (at least the relaxed athleisure look is in right now, right Mamas?). This schedule changeover can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and irritability, all of which is a recipe for stress and sickness.

In thinking about how to tackle the new school year that is soon upon us, I’ve come up with 5 go-to tips for a strong and successful morning. These are tried-and-true, and admittedly, I’ve had to adjust and amend over the last five years to account for the addition of babies, lack of daily nanny, and ever-changing parental work schedules. Take a look and let me know what you think. I love hearing suggestions and am always seeking out ways to improve mama scheduling and enhance morning efficiency for our family!

5 Tips for a Strong & Successful Morning

1. Prep and set out outfits for the following day

You know that old adage – don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today? If I was interested in a forehead tattoo, this would be it! Anything that you can do the night before to make things run a bit smoother the next morning is worth it. You will thank yourself when it’s 6:04 AM and the kids are already jumping around, blasting Depeche Mode from the iPAD speakers. One less thing to worry about means that you can go jump along with them for 5 minutes, before the hustle begins.

2. Give everyone a task

OK, this is totally the neurotic in me but…if everyone has a task, and knows what they should be doing, things will run smoother! I’m in charge of getting Romi ready, and Noam does the same with the boys. Yuli knows that he gets to pick the snacks and pack them in the lunch boxes, Ori knows he has to put any toys away that he brought out at the aforementioned 6:04 AM, and Romi knows that the iPAD goes off once breakfast is ready. It’s the little things – giving my kids ownership of small tasks hold them accountable, and helps them realize that the Dekels are definitely on a tight schedule in the AM.

3. Don’t forget that you and hubby are a team

You can probably already tell from my Instagram that I adore Noam. He is an incredible father to our kids, and the best husband I could ask for. He helps make mornings in our home run way more smoothly. He and I split duties up often, which gives me a much-needed break. Meal making is one of those duties – whoever’s on breakfast duty gets a break with making the lunches, for example. We always want our kids to have a home-cooked breakfast before school, and nutritious lunches each afternoon. This takes work- it doesn’t just happen. And, when you add it up, a week’s worth of cooking can take hours – hours that I don’t solely have to devote to food, between blogging, shooting, and running after three kids under the age of 7!

4. Savor breakfast time- literally and figuratively

In this age of technology and the inevitable hustle-and-bustle of the morning, it can be challenging to actually enjoy this first meal of the day. But, for us, a wholesome breakfast filled with family time (no phones or iPADs, even for this mama blogger!) is the best way to start off. Staying present in the morning is a big deal for Noam and me. We discuss school and extracurriculars, set expectations for the day ahead, and remind our kids that we love them and support them. Whether it’s over pancakes (on our most coordinated days!) or warm chocolate croissants (no one ever said that every breakfast had to be healthy!), we make sure to savor every minute… and every delicious bite.

5. Keep up a healthy routine

I’m talking about a healthy physical routine here! Eat wholesomely, get enough sleep (errrr, as much sleep as you can manage!), exercise when you can, and take vitamins! Our whole family lives by our daily Renew Life probiotic. In between schmoozing over breakfast and racing out the door, all of us pop a Renew Life probiotic. I know that this one little addition to our morning will provide lasting protection and health, especially as the summer-to-school change gets underway. I want us to start each day strong, ready to take on what life throws at us.

With Renew Life probiotics, which has 3 times more good bacteria in every capsule compared to the leading probiotic brands, I know we’re doing just that!

I’d love to hear what your power hour tips are. You can join the #PowerHour discussion on Instagram and Twitter and share your tips to maximize the morning routine for a chance to win a Renew Life Power Hour Kit and other great prizes. All you have to do is follow @RenewLife on Instagram or Twitter and post a picture or video of your morning routine with #PowerHour, #Sweeps.






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