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Potty Training 101

So many moms ask me how I got to potty train all my kids before they hit 2 years old. For anyone whose gone through this process before, you know that it takes a lot of patience! We have to be ready as much as our kids – both mentally and physically because it can be exhausting. Yuli was trained at 25 months and his younger brother Ori was trained at 27. With Romi, we recently went through training this summer but she was absolutely ready to go from diaper to toilet. Seeing her two older bros sans diaper and using the bathroom like big boys made her motivated to ditch her pampers too!

If you’re looking to potty train and wondering how to get started or when to begin, here are my three tips for getting your kids ready as easily as possible.

1. Start in the summer! I love to let my babies roam freely in the summertime – meaning no clothes, no diapers, no problems. When they run around outside, they start to get the hang of going to the bathroom without diapers and you don’t have to worry about them having accidents on the furniture. We encourage them to use the toilet indoors whenever they have to go, but since it’s summer there is less to worry about. Anything to make this time less stressful is an absolute MUST for us parents.

2. Play copycat. Luckily with Romi, she had two older brothers to look up to and motivate her. When she saw them without diapers, she was very excited to stop wearing hers and use them bathroom the same way her siblings do. If your baby doesn’t have siblings, mommy and daddy make for great role models – trust me, they want to do everything we do!

3. Potty train without the potty. I know this sounds strange, but the potty just adds another step to the process. I trained all of my kids straight on the toilet to avoid confusion and extra stages.

How do you guys potty train your kids? What ages were they? I would love to hear some great mom tips!







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