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You know how much our little Dekel crew loves to get away for weekends out of the City, especially during the heat of summer when New York humidity makes you question why you ever left Israel in the first place. Just kidding :) . Whether out in Long Island, Upstate New York (read the last post about The Hudson Valley ), or most recently Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey, we make sure to cherish every single second of relaxation, family time, and distance from the hustle-and-bustle of every day life when away. But, do you know what makes a weekend getaway even better? Sharing it with the closest of family friends. Nothing beats good company, especially when paired with delicious food and beautiful scenery all around.

This past weekend, we had the great fortune of spending time with our close family friends at

Lake Hopatcong. Our dear friends also have kids that are the same age as ours. The highlight activity of the weekend was taking the children boating on the lake – even baby Romi loved watching the waves go by and hearing the boat hum through the clear water – and everyone had the most wonderful time on the water. (It’s not often that our City kids even see boats except for in books or movies, let alone have the opportunity to ride on one!) Meal after yummy meal was wholesomely cooked from scratch, between the four of us adults, and shared over incredible wine, stories, and of course, laughter.

One of the greatest parts about getting out of the City is giving our kids the ability to roam around in nature – play in the grass, run around outdoors, discover the flowers – and get away from their iPads and TV. Childhood in Israel is all about spending time outdoors. My husband Noam and I joke that we spent more of our childhood outdoors than we did, in! I, too, try to put my phone down as much as I can while away. It’s difficult to do so as an entrepreneur (and as a daughter and sister with family another world away in Israel), but I always find that putting away my electronics centers me and helps me really appreciate the gorgeousness around me. Sometimes, I even wish that I could bottle some of it up and bring it back with me to the City! But that would take away from the whole aesthetic of New York. And, leaving the getaway scenery where it is guarantees a trip back soon!

As is always the case with fun – it goes by all too quickly! The time flew this weekend, and were already on our way back home before we knew it. The memories of a great weekend with friends and family are unmatched. That’s where Instagram makes its play in a positive light, as I was able to document our fun through the platform. Every time I scroll through, I’ll remember the relaxing boat rides, home-cooked meals, and watching our kids soaking up the greenery and sun. What did you all do this weekend? Do you have any fun Labor Day getaway plans? I’d love to hear about them!

Neshikot= XX





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